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Rapid Load Time

Powered by innovative technology, your site visitors always get the fastest possible loading time and best user experience— from anywhere.

Secure Hosting

Protect sensitive data, like payment info and passwords. Zybr tools come with an SSL certificate—the highest security standard— and encrypt data over an HTTPS connection.

Robots.txt File

Zybr generates a robots.txt file for your site, allowing search engines to crawl important site content and files.

Mobile Optimized

Search engines prioritize mobile-friendly sites. With Zybr, a mobile version of your site is optimized separately, guaranteeing pages perform well across devices.

Structured Data

Get more of your site info to appear in search results. Add schema markups so search engines understand which content can be displayed as a rich result.

Canonical URLs

Let search engines know which pages to index and rank. Each page of your site has its own canonical URL, so only the most relevant content will appear in search results.

Instant Google Indexing

Get your site listed on Google instantly and start appearing in search results. Just pick your keywords, follow your personalized plan and see your site rank.

XML Sitemap

Zybr creates and maintains your sitemap, keeping everything up to date. Search engines will use it to find and crawl all your site pages. 

Default Meta Tags

Zybr presets meta tags that accurately describe your site content to search engines. You can make request to change your tags at any time.


Zybr SEO

Get Your Personalized SEO Plan

  • Answer a few questions about your site, location and keywords. Then, let other things on Zybr.

  • Zybr index your site on Google in less than 30 seconds. You’ll appear in search results in no time.

  • Track your success and gain valuable insights on your site’s SEO performance report.

Hire an SEO Expert for Your Website

Want help? Get a Zybr Expert to optimize your site for search engines. Choose from 100s of professionals and create your request in the Zybr Arena.

Frequently asked questions

What is SEO and why is it important for my site?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When your site is optimized for search engines, it has a higher chance of appearing in the SERP (search engine results page) and ranking—which means more people will find you and your business online. Keep in mind, SEO is an ongoing process that takes time. But with dedication and professional SEO tools from Zybr, you can achieve your marketing goals.

What is the Zybr SEO Wiz?

The Zybr SEO Wiz is an SEO tool that instantly indexes your site with Google and gives you a step-by-step SEO plan tailored to your needs. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your personal brand or business, add the keywords you want to rank for and Zybr implement your step-by-step SEO plan.

How do I know if my site was indexed on Google?

When you use Zybr SEO Wiz, your site gets indexed with Google. We'll update you over mail for your every implementations goes live. To check if your site was indexed by search engines, type “site:” and then enter your domain (i.e. “”). Results will show all your indexed site pages.

How can my site’s page rankings improve?

It’s important to understand that your ranking depends on numerous factors. Each search query entered into search engines like Google are analyzed in order to understand the searcher’s intent. Based on the result, search engines return a list of pages that best answer that intent. For example, if you want to rank for “play school in gurgaon”, we need to build a page that answers the intent of searchers using that phrase.

How do I know which keywords or phrases to use?

Selecting the right keywords and phrases for your site is the first thing we need to focus on when developing your SEO strategy. To get started, the Zybr SEO Wiz is a great tool. It optimizes your site pages using the keywords and phrases you want to rank for. With Zybr SEO Wiz, you’ll be asked to choose keywords or phrases that you’d like to rank for on search engines. Zybr SEO Wiz uses these keywords to create your personalized SEO plan and connect your site to Google. Once connected, you have access to Google Search Console’s Performance report where you can track how your Zybr site ranks for each of your keywords and even discover new keywords. Additionally, Zybr SEO tool analyse new keyword, test their strength and update them in your SEO plan.

How can I check my site’s performance?

A major factor that impacts site performance is page loading time. All Zybr sites are powered by innovative technology to ensure visitors get the fastest possible loading times—from anywhere. This technology includes smart caching, advanced CSS layouts and global CDN coverage. We'll send you regular performance report over email or you can check your reports on reporting panel in your dashboard.

Why are meta tags important for my site’s SEO?

Meta tags are added to your site’s HTML code. They provide additional information about your page to web crawlers, so they can understand your page’s content and create a preview snippet of your page in the SERP. Your tags also serve as a first impression of your brand or business for potential site visitors. Detailed titles and page descriptions give potential site visitors valuable information about your site content and can help increase click-throughs to your site.

Should I add alternative text (alt text) to my site?

Yes. Alternative text appears in your site’s HTML code as a description of your site images and multimedia content. Because search bots can’t “see” what’s in your images, alt text ensures they’re able to understand image content and index them appropriately. Alt text also makes your site content accessible for visually impaired visitors.

What marketing tools does Zybr offer?

Drive traffic to your site and reach your target audience with professional marketing tools from Zybr. Zybr can create email campaign, design and share posts on social, make promotional videos, set up automations and connect to third-party marketing tools.

How can I integrate third-party marketing tools into my Zybr site?

Connect industry-leading marketing tools to your Zybr site and get a better understanding of your visitors’ behaviors, track the success of online campaigns and gain actionable insights. Request to integrate a tool.

Can I add tracking events or pixels to my site?

Yes. Embed third-party tracking codes on your site to monitor site performance and get a better understanding of visitors’ actions. Here you can submit the details.