Understand Your Site's Performance

Discover customer insights with in-depth marketing analytics

Challenges we solve

Define data structure

Tracking implementation

Interpret customer Journey and Intent

Establish Attribution Model

Scheduled Analysis report

Traffic and Trends

Know where is your traffic coming from, how they are interacting with your product or content, what they are looking for.

  • Traffic overview

  • Activity log

  • Visitors Insights

Traffic Sources

Learn where your traffic and sales coming from, analyse the data to make the decision for the next move. So you can get the detailed reports by-

  • Channel wise

  • Source/Medium

  • Referrals

eCommerce Analytics

Know how your eCommerce portal doing by tracking traffic, abandoned cart, revenue, unit sold and much more. You can get a detailed report for-

  • Sales overview

  • Purchase funnel

  • Abandoned cart